Rainbow Riches

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A fun and lively leprechaun surfaced in the United Kingdom named Lucky O’Leary, taking the UK by storm. The magic of the 5-reel, 20-line game quickly spread to casinos and arcades throughout the nation, and has since spread wildly all over the internet. The Irish inspired game is complete with pots of gold, top hats, ginger hair, and green, green, green. Produced by Barcrest (now owned by Scientific Games), Rainbow Riches has become the most played slot game in the UK. The featured leprechaun, Lucky, had already provided joy and entertainment to millions of people, and they soon began to demand a version for online casinos. Lucky O’Leary has popped up in numerous other games since his inception.

The Mobile Version

One can enjoy the animated hills and valleys of the Irish country by physically going to an arcade, playing online, and now directly on their mobile phones. Rainbow Riches has traveled quite long a way from the arcade and casino game that it once was. Now available on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, the game’s flexibility of stakes is one of the main reasons it appeals to its users. From 1p to £20, the stakes can be chosen for each of the 20 lines individually. Its ease of use is definitely a factor when discussing why it’s the most played slot in the nation. There are also layers upon layers of interwoven features for the sake of entertainment and further winnings. The game was very complexly developed and many enjoy the seemingly endless joy it produces.

What Makes It Great?

While the game is still fairly “new” in the grand scheme of things, the game is sure to stand the test of time and continuously progress. This is evident by the development of the mobile versions. The strategies and purposes of the game are all exactly the same as the online/arcade version and it is just as entertaining as ever. It’s simply more convenient to be able to play whenever you’d like with just a swipe to your touch screen device. The bonus features remain the same as the arcade and online versions: the Wishing Well, Pots of Gold, and the Road to Riches.

How the Bonus Features Work

The Wishing Well bonus feature is quite thrilling in regular play to say the least. If at any point in time (during regular play) the user hits 3 wishing wells across any of the reels, the bonus feature opens to an additional screen. Here, the user will pick from multiple wishing well images to reveal a bonus prize. The Pots of Gold bonus feature allows a chance to win one of three additional bonus prizes. If the player gets three pots of gold symbols on the three middle reels, they will see a new window with a spinning wheel. The wheel will land on gold, silver, or bronze, and the player will receive whatever prize is associated with each color. The Road to Riches feature is activated by the user hitting three leprechaun symbols anywhere in the reels. This feature is (according to users) most popular, because one this bonus feature is opened, an additional window shows the player traveling down a yellow brick road. For every move made by the player, there is an additional chance to win further prizes along the “road to riches”.

What Users Are Saying

According to customer reviews at skyvegas.com, users are excited about the mobile versions withdrawal and deposit system and say that it’s a quick and painless process. The current users are also excited about the easy to use interface of the mobile game, and the fact that many sounds and graphics are kept intact from the original version. While there is some debate, many users claim that the Pots of Gold feature is hardest to hit.

Try the Mobile Version

With up to four different ways to win up to 500 times your stake, it’s worth it to give it a try. Millions of people across the UK (and the world) are finding endless entertainment from the mobile version of Rainbow riches and if you haven’t experienced it yet, now is the time. The simplistic aspects and features of the game, paired with its ability to fit into almost any healthy budget, make it appealing to broad audiences. Now, with the ability to bring the game up directly on an iPhone or Android device, seasoned players and new users can experience the animated rolling hills, bouncy Lucky O’Leary, and the numerous prances to increase your winnings.

While Rainbow Riches has continued to stun the slot playing world with its rising popularity, the style, colors, and leprechaun have been imitated and duplicated due to its success. Lucky O’Leary will continue to appear in other online and mobile slot games, and the mobile game will only continue to improve as time passes by. For a versatile yet simple, entertaining, and flexible game, check out the mobile version of Rainbow Riches.

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You are bound to find 3 principal types of online wagering hall Gambling games: Table betting games, gaming machines and also random number games.

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Gambling machines such as slots plus video poker gambling machines are normally designed for a single participant at every given moment and don`t generally involve betting room employees – apart from when a top prize is won or the machine malfunctions.

Random number gambling games such as roulette, keno or bingo may be played at a table (roulette) or else based on the purchase of tickets or instead gaming cards (keno or alternatively in the game of bingo). These gambling games are based on the arbitrary selection of numbers by a computerized random numeric value producer.
Furthermore, resulting from gambling hall games, e-commerce, web-based banking companies have flourished to provide simple, fast and also secure techniques of paying funds to on line gaming hall accounts.

on line betting room games have grown to be an enormous market, but they are presenting problematic issues for certain countries where betting is against the law. A number of governments are not trying to find the legislation that would forbid these extremely well-liked gambling games. The trouble, of course, would be how to enforce it.

If we examine the matter throughout the ages, betting games give a general edge to the on line gaming hall, although they give the gambler a chance to get large short-term cashouts. Many professional bettors are going to say that they have gained a fortune with betting games, both in internet-based and also in land-based onling wagering hall, yet the bulk of gambling game players end up behind in the long run. This is on the whole on account of the fundamental trait of human nature: after we win, we wish to win more and more and that is just when we lose! In case a on line gaming hall gambling game player is able to stop when he or she is on top – more power to him.

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